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Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Our team is focused on Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Consulting Services. We love data and we are focused to make the maximum business value for our customers.

We accelerate the development of our clients' business and take it to the next level with the help of information technology (IT). Based on the goals and problems of the business, we dive into the details and help to find solutions that give quick and most effective results.

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The professional services we provide will help your business to develop and become better
  • Implementation
    We offer a full cycle of BI/DWH development: from integration of data sources to full automation of data processes.
  • Optimization / Migration / Evolution
    Our experts will help you optimize performance and costs, scale it up, and migrate your solution to the cloud.
  • Research and Design
    Our team will help you to create an effective data warehouse strategy, choose the best data warehouse model and BI tool, and build a prototype.
  • Support
    We offer ongoing support of the data warehouse and business intelligence solution
  • Design and implementation of budgeting systems
    We help to create an integrated budgeting system, including economic and financial planning systems, preparation of the group’s consolidated budget, and automation of the budgeting function.
  • Master Data Management System
    Master Data Management is aimed at creating a single source of complete and consistent information that is used in the work of different divisions of the company or subsidiaries of the holding.
A team of experts in their field that will help you solve problems
Our Partners
  • EDB Partner
    EDB provides enterprise-grade software and services, distributed Postgres, unmatched Oracle compatibility, extreme high availability, and support for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.
  • IBM Partner
    IBMers believe in progress—that the application of intelligence, reason and science can improve business, society and the human condition.
  • Microsoft Partner
    Microsoft is a world leader in information technology, providing a wide range of devices and services, software and IT services. It is one of the largest corporations in the world, operating in more than 190 countries.
How we work
Plan development
We conduct a study of your infrastructure, select our ready-made solutions for you and develop unique ones for you
Implementation and refinement
We integrate our solutions into your organization, fine-tuning them to the perfect fit for you
Support & Operation
We continue to support our clients even after the end of all stages of implementation in order to keep your business running smoothly.

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